Leadership’s Got Everything to With It!

Learn to be a Transformational and Sustainable Leader in the Workplace or as an Entrepreneur!

Women are underrepresented in major leadership roles in the workplace including executive level and board of director positions and it is time for a change! This book will prepare women to take a stand and become transformational and sustainable leaders in the workplace or in their own business. This in-depth guide to becoming a sustainable leader and business will provide women with the tools to…

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Learn, Lead and Leave a Legacy: Advancing Women to the Top

This compilation book focuses on issues that face women in today’s workplace such as unequal pay,¬†work-life balance and respect. ¬†This book will offer tips and strategies women can use to increase their chances of becoming a decision maker within their organization. This book is also a roadmap for businesses to understand how to engage women in the workplace before they decide to “standition” into new opportunities.

Price: $10.00