Services & Programs

Brooks Enterprise and Consultants offers a wide variety of programs, training and classes that help women develop their careers and leadership skills. We also host face to face and virtual training and webinars for both organizations and individuals.

Learn more about our service, programs, and training classes below:

Career Development

We help women take their career to the next level with job related services such as:


  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing
  • Succession Planning
  • Career Coaching
Corporate Training

Brooks Enterprise and Consultants conducts corporate training for organizations who are looking to engage their female talent. Our trainings are conducted via face to face or in our interactive virtual classroom. Our virtual classrooms make it easy for companies to train talent while alleviating expensive travel costs. Learn more about our virtual classroom here! For more information about our training, please email us at Topics include:



  • Conflict Management
  • Leadership
  • Building a Workplace Legacy
  • Communication
  • Women and Diversity
  • Understanding Learning Styles to Engage Employees
  • Teambuilding
  • Personal and Organizational Wellness
  • Goal Setting
  • Empowering Women in the Workplace
  • Understanding how to Manage Millennials
  • Business Etiquette
  • Networking and Sponsorship Within an Organization
  • DISC
  • Sales
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Customer Service
  • Personal Development & Personal Branding
  • Managing Meetings
  • Time Management
  • Change Management
  • Diversity & Globalization
  • Emotional Intelligence
Job Benchmarking

We partner with TTI insights to provide our clients Job Benchmarking.

TTI’s patented Job Benchmarking process is a unique and effective solution because it benchmarks a specific job, not the person in the job. To do this, we let the job talk through in interactive process and job assessment.

When Job Benchmarking is implemented properly, it will have a direct effect on your business’ bottom line. You’ll not only attract the best candidates, but you’ll save time and money by hiring the right people the first time and reducing the learning curve with new employees who are strategically matched to fit your company.

Begin today with a review of how TTI’s Job Benchmarking Process can contribute to your talent management – and lay a foundation for success!

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Who is TTI and Why TTI Assessments and Partnership?

To learn more about TTI Success Insights, please visit

DISC (Behaviors)
DISC examines the behaviors individuals bring to the job and the universal language of “how we act,” or our observable human behavior. TTI Success Insights’ assessments measuring Behaviors/DISC examine an individual’s dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance, revealing the ways in which one responds to the following:

  • Problems and Challenges
  • Influencing Others
  • Pace of Environment
  • Rules and Procedures

DISC assessment can be used for:

  • Management-Staff
  • Sales
  • Executive
  • Customer Service
  • Interviewing
  • Communicating with Style
Motivators helps illuminate and amplify a person’s motivating factors. This solution also builds on the strengths that each person brings to the work environment by addressing the “why. Results are determined and radiate outward from the center on a scaled number line to show increasing intensity, based on one’s preferences indicated on the assessment.

  • Theoretical: Instinctive/Intellectualmotivators-report-images1
  • Utilitarian: Selfless/Resourceful
  • Aesthetic: Objective/Harmonious
  • Social: Intentional/Altruistic
  • Individualistic: Collaborative/Commanding
  • Traditional: Receptive/Structured

Motivators assessment can be used for:

  • Personal Motivation and Engagement
  • Workplace Motivators

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*Brooks Enterprise and Consultants can host a debriefing session and/or training to accompany the assessments.