Become a Certified DISC Trainer today!

Why become certified?

DISC is one of the most used assessment tool in the world today. Many organizations, HR personnel and small business owners are using DISC in their businesses. This high sought after tool is used for hiring, on-boarding, performance assessments, promotions, sales, conflict resolution and many other reasons.  Becoming a DISC Certified Trainer can add much value to you as a coach, trainer, HR professional or if you are someone just looking to build your resume.

What makes our assessments different?

We partner with TTI Insights, a leading global assessment company whose DISC assessment has been used by over 100,000 companies.

Learn more about our assessment here!

How does the certification process work?

Step 1. Complete registration form and pay $1395 fee

Step 2. Send an email to with the address you would like your kit to be mailed to.

Step 3. Study, prepare, and take practice test. (We are available to help you during the preparation phase)

Step 4. Order test (Instructions will be in your packet)

Step 5. Take test and get certified. You will be a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) specializing in DISC!

It takes up to three weeks to receive your results.

Certification last for two years!

What comes in your certification kit?

Training Manual

Practice Test

Powerpoint slides/videos

There is no time limit to get certified or to complete the test, complete the certification at your pace!

After you become certified, you will then have the option to become a Brooks Enterprise and Consultants associate and start selling assessments, hosting workshops and debriefing, and making extra income. We even pay for you to attend boot camps in Arizona!

Still not sure or want more certifications? Contact us at 770-666-0864 or email us at so we can answer any of your questions!


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